Dr Catherine
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8-15 years

My child is 9 years old, and has no medical problems. She also has no emotional issues.. My husband was used to wet his bed, so is that the reason my daughter wets the bed? my daughter has secondary enuresis, if that helps.

Secondary bedwetting typically has two main causes: physical and psychological. However more recent research has shown an underlying genetic causation for secondary bedwetting as well - so the fact that her father used to wet the bed certainly increases your daughters chances and may be the main explanation for her bedwetting. Typically the management of secondary nocturnal enuresis involves addressing the underlying cause. When there are social stressors associated with secondary bedwetting, then attention to these issues should take priority over the different treatments for bedwetting. If there are no apparent ongoing psychological issues as appears the case for your daughter then the treatment options are the same as those recommend for children experiencing primary bedwetting. In the meantime, reassure her that none of this is her fault and ensure that her feels loved and special. All the best! Kind Regards, Dr Cathrine