Dr Catherine
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4-7 years

My daughter was fully toilet trained day and night then when we dropped her day sleep at around 4 years of age she started wetting the bed again at night and continues to do so and she is now 5 and a half and im concerned

Children who wet the bed at night do so because they are unable to wake in response to a full bladder, or their bladder is unable to store the amount of urine their body is producing. The fact that her bedwetting occurred at the same time as reducing her daytime sleeps suggests that she may be sleeping more soundly at night and therefore not arousing or responding to signals sent from her bladder to her brain saying 'wake-up' I'm full! A simple solution may be putting her to bed a little earlier at night so that she does not become too overtired making it harder to wake up. In saying this, I always recommend to parents that you follow-up any return to wetting with your GP. While medical causes are rare and include things like chronic constipation and urinary tract infections, it is important to have these ruled out first. All the best! Kind Regards, Dr Cathrine