Dr Catherine
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4-7 years

I'm just wondering what is the difference is.

Dear Joseph, that's a great question ... nappies and nappy pants are both designed for babies and toddlers offering similar levels of absorbency. Nappy pants were designed to help parents of toddlers who simply refuse to lie down in order to get 'changed', making the whole nappy changing process much less challenging. Pull-Ups on the other hand are specifically designed for the toilet training process, they are less absorbent than nappies and include a wetness liner which provides feedback to the toddler that they have in fact have passed urine - an important indicator in toilet training. Finally, DryNites are designed for older children, typically aged 4 years and over, who continue to experience some challenges in staying dry at night. They are specifically designed to look more like an underpants than nappy making them more age-appropriate! Kind regards, Dr Cathrine