Dr Catherine
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4-7 years

My daughter has just turned four. She's been out of night nappies for 1 year but has wet her bed for the past two weeks at night. She's also wet her bed approx 30% of the last year. Is this last two weeks a normal regression that we should stick out? Or should we put night pull ups back on her? Will putting her in night pull ups regress her? Thanks

It is not unusual for children to waiver between periods of dryness and return to wetting as they move toward achieving permanent nighttime continence. Given she was dry for up to 6 months it would be worth having her checked by your doctor just to make sure there is no underlying medical cause. Bedwetting can occasionally be an indicator of health-related issues such as tapeworms (a simple worm treatment can rectify this) or a urinary tract infection. Young children may wet the bed if they become particularly over-tired, shifting her bedtime forward even ½ hour may make a big difference. It is perfectly fine to her back into DryNites to help manage her nighttime wetting - these are a form of management and are unlikely to prolong the nighttime wetting. All the best,