Dr Catherine
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4-7 years

Hi - Our son is 4.5 years old. He has approx. 2 dry nights a week and we have not pushed dry nights but rather encourage him to empty his bladder before bed and he has a night light to know to get up to the toilet if he needs which he has not done yet. He currently wears Huggies nappy pants. What is the difference with drynites. Would it be a better option to have him sleeping in these? Sometimes his nappy pant can be very wet. Thank you

I would not be overly concerned with the nighttime wetting at this early stage – try using DryNites at night rather than the nappies as these will provide a better fit and are more appealing to older children. Both nappy pants and DryNites offer similar levels of absorbency - the DryNites are designed to look more like an underpant and less like something only toddler or babies wear. The best indication that your son is ready to sleep at night without the support of absorbent pants is an increase in the number of nights he wakes-up dry – until then it is perfectly fine to use DryNites. All the best,