Dr Catherine
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8-15 years

My son is almost 10 years old and wets the bed regularly. We use the Drynites for his age and weight but he wets through them almost every night, I don't understand if they are made to absorb liquid for his age and body weight (or more) that this happens. I do not know what other sort of pull ups to try.

DryNites can store around 1100ml - 1170ml of urine. If you are finding he is wetting through them it is worth checking the fit, as pants that are too large or too small in size can result in leakage. Children who are very heavy nighttime wetters can sometimes benefit from an additional layer - you could explore a washable disposable pant available online. These are less absorbent so cannot be worn on their own but can be worn over the top of the DryNites. Unfortunately washable absorbent pyjama pants aren’t currently stocked in Australia, but are available to order online from international stockists. Prices start at around $90 AUD a pair. You can try and reduce the amount of urine he produces overnight by reducing fluids in the evening (stopping completely just before bedtime) as well as looking into some dietary recommendations - which include things like increasing fibre in his diet and reducing foods that contain caffeine like chocolate. It is also recommended that we minimise the amount of dairy children have in the evening - dairy products like yoghurt, milk and cheese are high in calcium which has been linked to bedwetting severity, as well as reduced effectiveness of enuresis medication like desmopressin. Since calcium is also important for healthy growth, it’s good to still include these foods in his daytime diet.All the best,