Dr Catherine
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4-7 years

My 5 year old son wets the bed every single night. He has been toilet trained for almost 2 years but can not figure out the nights! He is my 3rd child, we've tried all the usual like no drinks an hr before bed and toilet before bed but no luck. It's like he doesn't know he is peeing and sleeps through it. For 2 years he has been wetting the bed and im considering taking him to the doctors about it. Any tips or ideas..is this normal?

Given his age and the frequency of his wetting I would certainly recommend taking him to see a doctor. While many children his age do outgrow bedwetting on their own without the need for intervention - children who experience nightly bedwetting like your son are less likely to be able to achieve nighttime continence without some form of intervention or treatment. It is important that when you do go down the treatment path you do this with the support of a continence specialist - the more guidance and support you receive the more likely you will achieve dry nights! In the meantime it is fine to continue with the limited drinks after 6pm and toileting just before bedtime - it's also worth checking his diet as high levels of dairy in the evening (after 6pm) can place additional pressure on his bladder as does food and drink with high sugar and salt content. Do not cut out dairy completely as this is essential for healthy bone growth and development.All the best,