Dr Catherine
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8-15 years

I dont have a kid :) this is me

Hi James, it is not unusual for people who have taken a little longer to become dry at night to experience a return to bedwetting at times of stress or illness. Secondary bedwetting, which is what you have described here, has two main causes - one is physical and one is emotional. Physical causes, while rare, really need to be ruled out first. I understand your reluctance to share this however it is very important that you do speak with your parents and organise to see your GP who will be able to run a series of tests. Stress is the most common explanation for a return to bedwetting. Stress can be the result of something good, like the excitement associated with the beginning of a new relationship, or can result from something less positive. Common negative stressors for teenagers include bullying, trouble with friends, school tests, or family arguments. If you think stress may be the cause then it is important that you speak with someone you trust. Sometimes the bedwetting will stop once this is resolved, occasionally teenagers will need to revert back to whatever treatment was used to help them to stop the first time they wet the bed. It is really important however that you do not try and manage this on your own, the more support you receive, the quicker you will be dry again. All the best. Regards, Dr Cathrine