Dr Catherine
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4-7 years

My son has a medical condition called EPIDEMOLYSIS BULOSSA and I find them fantastic but they don't fit accross the mattresss so I usually have to use two. My son can sleep without bandages and they save me a lot of washing. They are great when we stay overnight anywhere. So they have more valuable uses. I recomend them to people with other medical problems not just bedwetting.

Hi Kerrie, apologies for the delay in responding. I have spoken with the marketing team and they have provided me with a sample of the new DryNites Bed Mats, while they are not extend further down the length of the bed they do fit across the width of a single mattress. They also include a new adhesive so that you can stick them to the mattress which means they are less inclined to move when children are sleeping. I have passed on your feedback as well as appreciation to the team! Regards, Dr Cathrine