Dr Catherine
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8-15 years

I change her from her day time panties into her bed nappy(drynites) however she is 15 and recently got her period, so when i change her i sometimes have to wipe her vagina to get rid of the left over blood from her pads. Do drynites hold period fluid or should i change her into a depends or tena nappy for night. Also i use tesco little angels baby wipes are they alright Many thanks julie

Hi Julie, DryNites can continue to be worn once young girls start menstruating. The move toward an adult-related product is more to do with fit than absorbency. If your daughter wears a product that is too big or too small for her, it is more prone to leakage. There is a chance that the additional fluid during menstruation may place additional stress on the absorbency of the DryNites, if so, you may need to change these overnight - in much the same way as some young girls need to change their sanitary pads. If you are at all concerned I would recommend discussing this with your GP. Regards, Dr Cathrine