Dr Catherine
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8-15 years

Hi Bronte - Understandably one of the most common concerns for older children and teenagers who wet the bed is attending social events like sleepovers or school-camps. The good news is that many of these children are able to attend sleepovers while wearing DryNites and noone is ever the wiser! DryNites are highly absorbent and with a proper fit are less prone to leakage. If you have not tried these already you can request a sample off the website. It’s often helpful to get your parents to talk to the parents where you are staying before you go and prearrange a place where you can discretely change your clothes and dispose of your DryNites. If you would prefer to keep it a secret there are things you can try like hiding them in the bottom of your sleeping bag then putting them on once everyone has gotten into bed – you can even hide a bag of lollies in the bottom to disguise the noise! Take a plastic bag so that you can take them off in the morning and place them in there – it may mean leaving them in your overnight bag until you get home. A deodorant spray would also be needed. Sometimes it’s a good idea to have a practice run at home so that you feel more confident when with your friends. Good Luck! Regards, Dr Cathrine