Dr Catherine
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8-15 years


Unfortunately many children and teenagers are teased by family members or friends for their bedwetting – this is mostly due to the fact that people really do not understand the causes of bedwetting. The first thing we need to make very clear here is that this is in no way your fault. Perhaps you can suggest to your Mum and Dad that they familiarise themselves with some of the causes of bedwetting which have been addressed on the DryNites website.The good news is that there are some very successful treatment options currently available that will help you to learn to become dry at night. The conditioning alarm experiences the best success rates but it is important that you and your parents speak with a doctor first before introducing this. In the meantime you need to talk with your parents and explain to them how you feel. It is important that your family adopts a “no teasing” policy. With the right attitude, your family can actually help you through this time rather than making it even more difficult than it already is! In the meantime you can request a free sample off the website. Regards, Dr Cathrine