Dr Catherine
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4-7 years

How do I teach my boy to be dry at night? He is a deep sleeper yet I ensure he goes to the toilet before bed. 18mobths ago he was diagnosed with a bowel obstruction and was completely backed up, prior to that I had started toilet training at my daycares suggestion when he wasn't showing signs of wanting to go. I used to wet the bed on occassion as a young child but I have no clue about the father's side. My boy starts school next year and I would love for him to learn to be dry by then.

In order for your son to become dry at night he either needs to learn to wake in response to a full-bladder or his bladder needs to develop to a point where it can store the amount of urine his body produces until morning. While age is certainly one factor in deciding when to introduce treatment, the child’s motivation to become dry is another, with younger children tending to be less motivated. Bedwetting has a strong genetic component so it is not at all surprising that you wet the bed as a child. When genetics comes into play we often find children stop wetting around a similar age to their relative. In saying this it is is a good idea to have him checked by his GP, particularly given the previous medical issues he has experienced with his bowels. Chronic constipation is often associated with bedwetting so it will be important to closely manage his diet and ensure he drinks water regularly throughout the day. Kind Regards, Dr Cathrine