Dr Catherine
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8-15 years

my 15 year old daughter was away on a camp a few days ago she has been wetting the bed since she was 4. She came back from camp, at home in stared to empty her bags out into the wash I said for her to put her wet drynite in the bag and bin it when you get home. I found the drynite wrapped up in a pair of joggers and I picked it up, it felt heavy so I look in side it to find it had been pooped. There was a bad smell so I asked my daughter why it was pooped and she said that there was a queue for the toilets and she didn't want people out side the stall to hear her pooping, so she told e she went into the stall pooped the drynite and slept in and wet it at night. I don't know what to do. what should I do?

Sometimes when children are outside their normal environment they can become overly anxious or stressed and may behave in ways that they would not normally do so. It sounds like your daughter was very concerned about being discovered by her peers, which is not unusual at her age. If this is a one-off incident, then I probably would just have a chat with her and explain that this kind of behaviour is really not acceptable. Reassure her that everyone uses the toilet and next time if she is really is concerned she can just line the bowl with toilet paper to reduce any sound. If you were at all concerned that this may be symptomatic of a bigger issue then I would strongly recommend you follow this up with your GP or ask to be referred to a clinical psychologist. Regards, Dr Cathrine