Dr Catherine
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8-15 years

My 10 &amp; 1/2 year old still wets every night with no medical issues &amp; no hereditary links it's quite puzzling as to why it's still happening, we've tried using alarms but they scared her so much we couldn't tell if it would work. My main question is when she gets her period are the drynites enough to contain urine as well as menstrul fluid?? Thanks

It is perfectly fine to use DryNites even when girls start menstruating. If you are after additional protection, its fine to line the DryNite with a sanitary pad, in the same way you would place in in her underpants during the day. With respect to treatment - the best and most successful approach is the conditioning alarm. Bedwetting alarms work by setting off an alarm when the child starts to wet, waking them up so that they get up and go to the toilet. Over a period of time this conditions the body (and child) learns to wake without the need for the alarm. It is not unusual for the alarm not to work at first and may take up to 6 months of constant use. Children may experience one or two relapses, when this occurs you need to reintroduce and repeat the process. It may be helpful to get your daughter to practice setting the alarm off during the day (with a drop of water) so that ways she will become familiar to the sound of the alarm and it will be less frightening at night. In the meantime reassure her that this is in no way her fault and that with time (and perhaps a little bit of help) she will become dry!Kind Regards,