Dr Catherine
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8-15 years

I've been wetting since I was little and now I'm 15 amd I still wet. I've tried alarms and medication, I've seen chiropractors, I was even tested for sleep apnea, but all the tests I've done have come back with no visible issues and any treatments that I've done that have worked only worked for a few days to a few weeks and then my body seems to reset itself and I start wetting again. I've tried everything I could think of. What do you think might be the problem?

This must be incredibly frustrating for you. In terms of treatment the conditioning alarm is your best bet. It is not unusual for it not to work on the first introduction; often it can take two to three cycles so it is important not to give up. Success of the treatment does depend on the level of commitment and guidance so I really would recommend starting this with the support of a continence specialist. They will be able to support you through the treatment, will have access to lots of handy tips and tricks, and will ultimately improve the chances of a positive and permanent outcome. Good luck! Kind Regards, Dr Cathrine