Dr Catherine
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8-15 years

Wanted to add that it has started happening since she has joined junior school. In her previous school she remained dry since she was about 5 years old. At earlier age occasionally she wetted in the night, but after 5 years age, days and nights were dry. Mum divorced since about 4 years. Please help at your earliest convenience. Please read this follow up with my initial question. Many Thanks.

I can understand how distressing this situation must be for both you and your daughter. Deliberate wetting during the day may be an indication of stress. Common childhood stressors include the birth of a sibling, starting a new school, bullying or friendship difficulties. Stress can also arise from changes in the home environment including parental divorce and separation or moving house. Times of change are often associated with increased stress; there may be something about the change in school that precipitated this behaviour. If you think stress may be contributing to her daytime wetting then the best approach is to spend calm, relaxed time with her, help her to verbalise any fears or concerns. Try to involve her in situations where she can succeed, as this is important for boosting self-esteem. Occasionally children’s stress-related behaviour can be ongoing or begins to impact negatively on their daily functioning, when this occurs more professional support is typically required. Given her age and the frequency of her wetting I would certainly look at speaking with a child psychologist who will be able to provide your daughter and granddaughter with the support and guidance they require.