Dr Catherine
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8-15 years

Please accept my apologies for the delay in my response to you over the Christmas holidays. Firstly, let me reassure you, this is nothing to be embarrassed about. It is very important that you share this with your parents, as you will need their support and understanding. You are currently experiencing what we commonly refer to as Secondary Nocturnal Enuresis – this describes a situation where someone has been dry at night for a significant period of time then returns to wetting the bed. There are a number of potential causes so it is essential that you discuss this with your parents and arrange an appointment to see your GP as soon as possible. Causes of secondary enuresis may include diabetes, urinary tract infection or obstructive sleep apnea. Stress, which can occur as a result of bullying or school-demands, is also a contributing a factor, although it is unlikely to explain your daytime incontinence. Your parents are there to support you, and I’m sure they would hate to think of you trying to mange this on your own. Regards, Dr Cathrine