Dr Catherine
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8-15 years

My son had always had problems with bed wetting, so when he was of age I took him to a specialist and she put him on the alarm system. It worked fantastic! But now a year &amp; half later he's started to wet again, nearly every night. His behaviour is not good, bad attitude. Do you think I should go back to the specialist? Lisa

Dear Lisa, it is not unusual for children who took longer to achieve nighttime continence to return to wetting at times of stress or sickness - however it is always wise to have children checked by their GP when they return to bedwetting following a significant period (6 months or more) of dryness. Physical causes of secondary bedwetting can include such things as chronic constipation, bladder or urinary tract infections or juvenile diabetes – which is why I recommend having children assessed as soon as possible. Common psychological stressors for children include the birth of a sibling, starting primary school or high school, or difficulties with peers such as bullying. Given you have noticed other changes in behaviour it may be worthwhile speaking with his teachers to see if there is anything happening at school that you should be aware of. Once you develop a better understanding of the possible causes this will help you in deciding how best to manage or treat his return to bedwetting. Please accept my apologies for the delay in responding, I have been unwell and unable to answer questions during this time. Kind regards, Dr Cathrine