Dr Catherine
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4-7 years

My son is 6 years old and is in kindergarten. He is a very heavy sleeper and drinks a lot of water. From around 4.years old he stopped wearing nighttime nappies as he was mostly dry. Then at age 5 he started wetting the bed more frequently (every 3rd night on average) so we started to put nighttime nappies back on. Now he has become used to the nappies and wakes with a full nappy every morning. My older daughter stopped wearing nighttime nappies at 2.5 so this is all new to me. I would love to hear your advice and suggestions.

One of the best indicators that your son is moving toward achieving nighttime continence is an increase in the number of consecutive nights where he wakes-up dry. Some parents prefer using absorbent pants to manage bedwetting as it reduces the stress and associated work that comes with dealing with constant wet sheets and bed changes. While there is some debate surrounding the use of absorbent pants – there really is little evidence to show that these either prolong or speed up the process. Whatever you choose, consistency is the key. You can help your son to achieve nighttime continence by encouraging him to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Good drinking patterns will help his bladder to learn to store more urine and reduce the risk of bedwetting. Do not restrict drinks in the evening and make sure he empties his bladder just before going to sleep. It is important that he does not become overtired, as this will make it even more difficult to respond to a full bladder. Check that he feels comfortable getting up through the night – sometimes a nightlight adds to children’s comfort and confidence. All the best! Kind Regards, Dr Cathrine