Dr Catherine
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8-15 years

I'm Japanese and I'm 15 years old, but I haven't cured bedwetting yet. I don't have a diaper that fits my body, so I import it and wear dry nites. The people around me are not wearing of diapers, but I feel very shocked when I am wearing them. How can I heal bedwetting early? Because it is Google translation, the character may be strange. I'm sorry.

There are a number of treatments currently available on the market you could certainly try. The best success rates are typically achieved with bedwetting alarms – although they do tend to work more effectively among children and teenagers with less frequent wetting. These work by helping you learn to recognise the need to pass urine and either wake-up and go to the toilet or learn to hold on until morning. If you are a particularly deep sleeper you may need your parents to help you to wake in response to the alarm. It can take a few weeks until you begin to respond to the alarm and may take up to 3 months to achieve continence. Any form of treatment should be introduced with the support of a continence specialist so it is important that you and your parents discuss the different options with your GP first. You can also try and minimize your nighttime wetting by ensuring you do not become overtired as this makes it even more difficult to wake in response to a full bladder. It is also important to avoid foods and drinks high in caffeine and sugar as these can stimulate the kidneys to produce more urine placing additional pressure on your bladder. Good luck! Regards, Dr Cathrine