Dr Catherine
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4-7 years

My 4 year old daughter never wet bed and now we have just had a new baby she has started to wet bed??

Firstly, congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful baby! Your daughter is experiencing what is commonly referred to as secondary bedwetting, this occurs when children have been dry at night for 6 months or more then start wetting again. Secondary bedwetting can certainly be a result of emotional distress or stress – and common causes of stress among young children include such things as the birth of a sibling. While most children are happy about the new baby and look forward to its arrival, there is also an element of stress mixed with the excitement. Sometimes children fear that their parents will have less time for them or will love them less. Take the time to talk with her reassuring her that she is still very special and although the baby may take-up lots of your time you still love her as much as always. Include her as much as possible in the care of the baby so that she feels involved. Set aside special ‘mummy and me’ time, when she does not have to share you with the baby. Children take great comfort from the familiar so it is important to try and keep changes to a minimum at the moment until she gets used to the new routines. The good news is that if stress is the cause, children’s bedwetting typically stops once children feel secure and reassured. In saying this, secondary bedwetting can also be the result of a medical condition such as a urinary tract infection so it would be wise to have this ruled out by your GP. All the best! Regards, Dr Cathrine