Dr Catherine
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8-15 years

Hi Dr Cathrine. My 14 year old son keep's wetting the bed a lot and he has a trip thats really far away from home. He is really worried about wetting the bed. He wears girls drynites because thay work better for him but he is really worried about how he can put the drynite on without anyone noticing and how to hide them. He is really worried that people will see that he is a bedwetter and he wears girls drynites. Do you have any tips for how to put them on without anyone knowing and how to hide them from everybody?

Sleepover and school camps can present particular challenges to children who wet the bed. To keep it a secret there are things he can try like hiding his DryNites in the bottom of his sleeping bag then putting them on once everyone has gotten into bed – he can even hide a bag of lollies in the bottom to disguise the noise! Give him a plastic bag so that he can take them off in the morning and place them in there – it may mean he leaves them in his overnight bag until he gets home. A deodorant spray would also be needed. Sometimes it’s a good idea to have a practice run at home so that he feels more confident when he is with his friends. Wearing an oversized pyjama pant or nylon trackpant is one option – some children find wearing underpants over the top of their DryNites also reduces any sound. You could also consider using a medication designed to reduce urine production. Medications should only be used in the short-term but can be an effective way to manage bedwetting for things like sleepovers. You should discuss this with your doctor. Good Luck! Kind Regards,