Dr Catherine
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4-7 years

I rule like to know what is the more absorbent for night time bed wetting. Huggies pull ups, huggies dry notes or huggies junior nappies?

The difference between Pull-Ups and DryNites is that Pull-Ups are specifically designed for toilet training and daytime use. They have a built-in wetness liner that allows the children to feel when they are wet, which is why your son would be developing eczema as they urine is staying next to his skin rather than being drawn away. DryNites are specifically designed for nighttime use and offer a high level of absorbancy, drawing the urine away form children’s skin in much the same way as a Huggies nappy does. You will find the DryNites while offering a similar level of absorbency to the Huggies napies are more appropriate for bedwetting as they are designed for use by older children and appear more like an underpant than nappy.Kind Regards,