Dr Catherine
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4-7 years

We have tried dry nights and reduce her fluid consumption. During the day we tell her to go to the toilet but she still wets herself regularly

Dear Luke, given her daytime wetting I would recommend having your daughter checked by your GP. Your doctor will want to know things like how often she wets the bed or experiences daytime accidents, if there are other family members who also experienced nighttime wetting, if there are changes in her wetting patterns (i.e., what makes her wetting worse), how her bedwetting has been managed thus far, are there other symptoms along with the wetting (i.e., strong odour or pain), as well as information regarding her bowel movements. Diagnostic tests will include a urinay analysis, he/she may ask you to keep a fluid diary, which will involve logging how often, and how much your daughter drinks and how frequently she urinates. He/she will also want to determine her bladder capacity to see if a small bladder capacity is a contributing factor. In the meantime, as challenging as this may be it is important to reassure her of your love and support, if this is something she really has no control over it must be as frustrating and upsetting for her as it is for you. All the best! Regards, Dr Cathrine