Dr Catherine
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4-7 years

Hi Michelle, An increase in the number of consecutive nights a child remains dry is typically your best indicator that their body is moving toward a point where it is capable of storing urine overnight. While some children stop wetting then never wet again, the majority of young children will oscillate between periods of being dry and return to wetting again as the travel the road to permanent continence. If you are happy to cope with occasional wet sheets then you can certainly get rid of the DryNites. While there has been some debate surrounding the use of absorbent pants – there really is no convincing research support to show that these prolong the bedwetting process. Nighttime wetting typically happens when children are asleep and are not in conscious control over their bladder, making it difficult to train a child at night. Whether you decide to use DryNites or not I would recommend that you stick to either undies or absorbant pants so to ensure some level of consistency. Reassure your daughter that it is still possible that she may experience the occasional wet night and that this is perfectly normal and that she will be back on track in no time! Regards, Dr Cathrine