Dr Catherine
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8-15 years

Hi my name is Lindsey, &amp; I have been wetting the bed for a couple of months now, I live with my Aunt &amp; my 3 cousins, unfortunately we are an all girl family &amp; I would feel very embarrassed if they found out so none of them know about it. Im 13 and I have been using my 5 year old cousins huggies nappies at night. They work fine &amp; fit, they seem the same as drynites but they have tabs instead. I find them really effective but should I wear drynites instead?

Hi Lindsey, while nappies can be used to help manage nighttime wetting, these are not ideal as there is a high chance of experiencing leakage due to improper fit. DryNites are designed to be worn by older children and teenagers and look more like an underpant than nappy. While I completely understand your reluctance to share this information with your Aunt it is very important that you do speak with a trusted adult. Secondary bedwetting, which is what you are experiencing, can be the result of a medical condition. While physical causes of secondary bedwetting are rare and include such things as chronic constipation, tapeworms and urinary tract infections, it is important that you are seen by a doctor just to rule these things out. Most secondary bedwetting results from emotional problems or challenges. We all react differently to stress. Signs of stress include physical symptoms such as ongoing headaches and stomach aches, vomiting as well as nighttime or daytime wetting. Common psychological stressors for teenagers include moving house, parental separation, starting high school, bullying or difficulties with friends – all things that result in significant change, so it is not particularly surprising that your wetting started following you moving house. If stress is the cause then we often find teenagers stop wetting at night when whatever is causing this stress is resolved. So again it is really important that you do not try and manage this on your own, problems are always easier to deal with when you have someone who can show you support. Regards, Dr Cathrine