Dr Catherine
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8-15 years

Unfortunately, I'm a regular bedwetter, and I've come to depend on Drynites over several years as the most discrete protection which doesn't hurt my self esteem as much as some of the other avaliable products. Recently, however, the Drynites have been a tight fit, the absorbancy lacking and the sides ripping after a night of sleeping. I'm worrying that I'll have to use a diffirent product soon, but I'd rather not have to. Are there any future plans to increase the size of Drynites?

Hi Holly, that's wonderful to hear that you have found DryNites so helpful in the management of your bedwetting. I will pass on your query to the development team. In the meantime there are a number of products already on the market that are suited to older teenagers and adults and that will help manage any issues you are experiencing with fit or leakage. Regards, Dr Cathrine