Dr Catherine
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8-15 years

I've had bladder issues since I started working in the wash bay at work. They have me working in there two of three days a week and in the shop the other coupe days. I get up to use the bathroom more often in the night after a day in the wash bay, and I have been bedwetting at least ounce a week usually after a day in the wash bay.

You are experiencing what is commonly referred to as secondary nocturnal enuresis. This term is used to describe the condition where an individual begins to wet the bed after experiencing a significant period of nighttime continence. There are a number of possible causes some of which are medical so it is very important that you make an appointment with your GP. Secondary bedwetting can also result from stress, which can occur when we experience a significant change in our lives such as starting a new job or shifting responsibilities in the workplace - which may explain why this began when you started working in the wash bay at work. I would recommend discussing this with your GP. If stress is a contributing factor, it is not unusual for your bedwetting to stop when you are feeling more at ease or whatever is causing the stress is resolved. All the best! Kind Regards,