Dr Catherine
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8-15 years

He wonders if needs nightime protection.

Firstly, Please accept my apologies for the slight delay in responding over the Christmas and New Year period. It should be relatively easy to determine whether or not is sweat or urine as urine typically has a very distinct and strong odour. If it is urine then you can certainly use absorbent pants to help manage this, however the most important thing for you to do is determine the cause. Your son has experienced a return to bedwetting after being dry for a long time, why has this occurred? While physical causes of secondary bedwetting are rare and include such things as chronic constipation, tapeworms and urinary tract infections, it is important that your son is seen by a doctor just to rule these things out. Most secondary bedwetting results from emotional problems or challenges. We all react differently to stress. Signs of stress include physical symptoms such as ongoing headaches and stomach aches, vomiting as well as nighttime or daytime wetting. Common psychological stressors for teenagers include moving house, parental separation, starting high school, bullying or difficulties with friends – all things that result in significant change. If stress is the cause then we often find teenagers stop wetting at night when whatever is causing this stress is resolved. All the best. Regards, Dr Cathrine