Dr Catherine
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4-7 years

I work in a support unit and want to toilet train a 7 year old non verbal autistic boy? I have printed a social story and I show him a card every time I take him to the toilet. He wees on demand but still wets his nappy because he doesn't understand. I would be grateful for any suggestions?

As I’m sure you are fully aware, toilet training can be particularly challenging for children with autism due to their hypersensitivity to different sensory experiences, as well as difficulties with adjusting to changes in routine. It is very wise not to try and begin toilet training until the young boy whom you are working with displays signs of readiness. The key to success when toilet training children with autism is that they need to feel comfortable with their surroundings. For some helful tips on toilet training try the following website: http://www.autism-help.org/behavior-toilet-training.htm. Good luck! Regards, Dr Cathrine