Dr Catherine
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8-15 years

I wanna tell my best friend that i still wet the bed, but how can i start, im so shy

Unfortunately many children and teenagers are teased by family members or friends for their bedwetting – this is mostly due to the fact that people really do not understand the causes of bedwetting. The first thing we need to make very clear here is that this is in no way your fault and while I understand your embarrassment, your condition is no different to someone suffering from asthma. You could perhaps chat with your parents first about the causes of bedwetting so that you are manned with the facts and can answer any questions you friend may have when you share it with her. Some of the causes of bedwetting have been addressed on the DryNites website so that is a great place to start. When you do talk with your friend it is important that you explain to her how you feel and that you would really appreciate it if she did not share this more widely. I think it is great that you are willing to share this with her - the more we talk about this the more accepting people will be. Also having someone you can count on at sleepovers and school camps will make things a whole lot easier for you!All the best!