Dr Catherine
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8-15 years

My daughter is in 5 t clothes.. however for pants it is better if she had a 6 t so as to accomdate the pullup.. She weighs 50 pounds.. Can you please help ????

Hi S. K., It is not unusual for children with additional support needs to take a little longer to attain both daytime and nighttime continence. I would not be overly concerned with the nighttime wetting at this early stage. The best indication that your daughter is ready to sleep at night without the support of absorbant pants is an increase in the number of nights she wakes-up dry – until then it is perfectly fine to use DryNites. With respect to managing your daughter’s daytime wetting – you could also try using DryNites during the day – these will provide a better fit and will offer a higher absorbency than the Pull-Ups which are better suited to when you begin toilet training. It is very wise not to try and begin toilet training until your daughter is showing signs of readiness. As I’m sure you are fully aware, toilet training can be particularly challenging for children with autism due to their hypersensitivity to different sensory experiences, as well as difficulties with adjusting to changes in routine. The key to success when toilet training children with autism is that they need to feel comfortable with their surroundings. For some helful tips on toilet training try the following website: http://www.autism-help.org/behavior-toilet-training.htm. In terms of accessing financial support,you would really need to discuss this with your general practitioner, who should be able to provide you with any necessary supporting documentation. Regards, Dr Cathrine