Dr Catherine
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8-15 years

Hi Clayton, it is completely normal to feel a little anxious about attending sleepovers when you wet the bed at night. The good news is that many children and teenagers attend things like school camps and slumber parties without anyone every discovering that you wet at night. Given we are now moving toward the colder months your DryNites should be easier to disguise at sleepovers. Wearing an oversized pyjama pant or nylon trackpant is one option – some people find wearing underpants over the top of their DryNites also reduces any sound. Before you go it’s a good idea to think about how you are going to dispose of your DryNites in the morning. One idea is to take a small scented plastic bag and pop it in there and dispose of it when you get home. You could also consider using a medication designed to reduce urine production however I would recommend discussing this with your doctor first. Medications should only be used in the short-term but can be an effective way to manage bedwetting for things like sleepovers. All the best! Regards, Dr Cathrine