Dr Catherine
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8-15 years

i have placed her in a few brands and stopeed her drinnking water and tea before she goes bed

Hi Beth, you do not indicate in your question whether this is something that has always happened or a new occurrence.If this is new, then your daughter is experiencing a condition known as secondary nocturnal enuresis. This term is used to describe the condition where individuals begin to wet the bed after experiencing a significant period of nighttime continence. There are a number of possible causes some of which are medical so it is very important that you make an appointment with your GP. Secondary bedwetting can also result from stress, which can occur as a result of family arguments or the loss of someone close to you. When stress is a contributing factor, individuals often stop wetting when whatever is causing the stress has been resolved. If your daughters bedwetting has been ongoing since childhood then the causes are likely to be quite different. If this is in fact the case I would recommend that you follow this up with a continence specialist or urologist who will be better placed to determine the cause as well as appropriate treatment. All the best, Dr Cathrine