Dr Catherine
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8-15 years

As embarrassing as this may seem you are not alone. There are thousands of people, including teenagers and adults, who wet the bed at night while they are asleep. This is not conscious wetting and therefore in no way your fault. Secondary bedwetting, which is the condition you describe in your question, has two main causes: medical and psychological. Medical causes are rare but may include such things as juvenile diabetes, tapeworm, constipation and urinary tract infections – so it is essential that you have these ruled out first. Stress can also be associated with secondary bedwetting. Common causes of stress among teenagers include bullying, school tests, familial separation and abuse. Given you have recently separated from your family, stress may certainly be playing a part in your incontinence. The management of secondary bedwetting involves addressing the underlying cause. When there are significant emotional stressors associated with secondary bedwetting, then attention to these issues should take priority. If you do not feel comfortable speaking with your foster carers about this situation, you can access counselling support through Kids Helpline. This is a free 24 hour counselling service, which is both private and confidential. All the best. Regards, Dr Cathrine