Dr Catherine
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4-7 years

My daughter is 6 and goes through weeks with no overnight accidents and then over the last week has had 5 wet nights in a row. I’m having a hard time working out what differs on wet nights/streaks and dry nights/streaks.

Managing children’s bedwetting can be incredibly tricky; partially because we often do not understand the underlying cause and partly because there are so many mixed messages out there about how best to proceed. One of the best indicators that your daughter is moving toward achieving nighttime continence is an increase in the number of consecutive mornings where she wakes-up dry - so the fact that she is starting to experience extended periods of continence is a very encouraging sign. It is not unusual for children to waiver between the two conditions so don't be disheartened. The good news is that most children this age do outgrow their bedwetting on their own - if however you would like to give her a bit of extra help you could certainly meet with your GP to discuss treatment options. All the best! Kind Regards, Dr Cathrine