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8-15 years

I'm 16 and I used to wear pull-ups to bed and would wet in them every night and occasionally would leak onto my bed. I got a pee sheet thing for a while, but it fell apart with being washed so much. When I was 15 my mom and I decided to stop wearing pull-ups and maybe my brain would know i'm not armed and I wouldn't pee and that worked for like 2 months! Now I do pee off and on and recently I peed 3 nights in a row. I just want to be able to drink as much as I'd like whenever I'd like and not wet the bed.

Hi Katie – I completely understand your frustration. The tricky thing about bedwetting is that there are so many possible causes that it can be difficult to treat. I am assuming that you have already met with a continence specialist – this is important as the success of interventions increase when used under the guidance of a professional. There are a few things worth thinking about – you do not mention in your question whether you have tried any formal treatment options? Conditioning alarm systems currently have the highest success rates (ranging from 60-90%) – some people find the success rate increases if used in combination with a bladder training program. There are a few medications available on the market which are very effective although these should only be used temporarily as there are a number of known side effects and should not be seen as a cure as when medication stops the bedwetting typically returns. If you are open to alternative treatments – it sounds like you would give anything a go at the moment – some families have combined the alarm with hypnotherapy and have found it to be more successful than when using the alarm on its own Before trying any form of intervention it is important that you discuss this with your doctor first. It's fine to drink lots of water during the day and lessen this off toward bedtime although it is important not to restrict fluids, always drink if thirsty. Limit the amount of caffeine (like chocolate and fizzy drinks) in your diet as well as increasing fibre to prevent constipation as this can make the bedwetting worse. My apologies for the delay in responding, unfortunately I have been unwell and unable to answer questions during this time. Regards, Cathrine