Dr Catherine
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8-15 years

Hi my name is Lindsey &amp; im 13, I had been wearing my little sisters Huggies for my bedwetting because I couldent get my hand on Drynites. I have tried Drynites but I still prefer the huggies nappies, as the junior size fits me well.Drynites are fairly absorbant but I dislike the stretchy waistband. I think its because I have gotten use to the Nappy tabs, and I just find them more comforable and less tight &amp; sometimes itchy Drynites can be. I would be happy to wear drynites, and would do so as I become older if need to continue to keep wearing something at night. Or do u think I should keep wearing my little sisters Huggies?

Hi Lindsey, while nappies can be used to help manage nighttime wetting, these are not ideal as there is a high chance of experiencing leakage due to improper fit. DryNites are designed to be worn by older children and teenagers and look more like an underpant than nappy. If you do experience some itching or skin irritation you can use a barrier or rash cream like paw paw cream. Can I recommend that you discuss this with your parents; it is really important that you do not try and manage this on your own, problems are always easier to deal with when you have someone who can show you support. All the best. Regards, Dr Cathrine