Dr Catherine
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8-15 years

In school, We were all ask to sit down at school but she my friend saw me with a drynight on and she caught at me.and when she took me to the toilet their was urine and periods leaking and she grab her skirt to me to wear and she wore my skirt to and from school And she said to add a pad inside the drynites and i was really not useless

Hi Anne Maria, it is wonderful to hear that you have such a supportive friend at school. It is not clear from your question whether you are experience frequent daytime incontinence or this is an isolated incident. If this is common, can I recommend that you ask your parents to organise an appointment with your GP so that you can discuss your condition and perhaps run some tests to help determine the underlying cause. In the meantime, it is important that you change your DryNites regularly, especially when you are menstruating, to ensure you do not experience any leakage. Regards, Dr Cathrine