Dr Catherine
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8-15 years

Hi wear drynites but still wet the bed I don't know what els to do please help

How frustrating for you! Leakage can result from improper fit, which can occur if your DryNites are too large or small. Check that they are fitting properly around the leg. If they are too small it may be time to try a product that is designed for adults, these can be purchased through chemists, supermarkets or online. You can try and reduce your urine output overnight by reducing the amount you drink in the evening (do not restrict fluids completely and always have a drink if thirsty). Drink water regularly throughout the day, about 1.5 llitres is important for someone of your age, and avoid drinks high in caffeine like hot chocoloate or soft-drinks. If you are at all concerned about the amount of urine you are producing overnight can I suggest you speak with your parents and have them make an appointment with your doctor who may decide to run a few tests. You could use this opportunity to talk about treatment options that can help you to become dry at night. All the best! Regards, Dr Cathrine