Dr Catherine
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8-15 years

I wet my pants during the day but not at night. Should I wear nappies or would drynights be fine for the day?

Any type of daytime incontinence after the age of 6 years really needs to be investigated by a doctor. Generally the causes of daytime wetting fall into two categories, one of which is medical, and the other psychological. Your doctor will want to know things like how often she experiences daytime accidents, if there are changes in your wetting patterns (i.e., what makes your wetting worse), are there other symptoms along with the wetting (i.e., strong odour or pain), as well as information regarding your bowel movements. Diagnostic tests will include a urinary analysis, you may be asked to keep a fluid diary, which will involve logging how often, and how much you drink and how frequently you urinate. The doctor will also want to determine your bladder capacity to see if a small bladder capacity is a contributing factor. In the meantime, it is perfectly fine to wear DryNites during the day. Make sure you change these after you wet to avoid leakage and odour.Kind Regards,