Dr Catherine
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4-7 years

We moved 6 weeks ago &amp; since moving my daughter who is 6 has started wetting the bed again after not wetting the bed for a year. What do I do? I have ensured no liquids before bed, she goes to the toilet before bed time but this is still happening. Many thanks,

It is not unusual for children to return to wetting at night at times of high stress – and moving house can certainly be a causes of stress among young children. If her return to bedwetting is in direct response to getting used to her new surroundings then we typically find that children stop wetting once they feel better about the situation. In saying this it is always a good idea to have children checked by their GP when they experience a return to wetting. A return to wetting can also result from such things as urinary tract infection and constipation so it is worth ruling these out. When children experience significant changes in their life such as moving to a new house it is important to provide lots of emotional support and minimize any other changes in their life. Young children take great comfort from the familiar – check that she is happy with how her new room is set-up – even a shift in furniture can sometimes be disturbing. With respect to managing her bladder – make sure she drinks water regularly throughout the day, its fine to taper off in the evening or restrict fluids just before bedtime - and make sure she empties her bladder fully just before going to sleep. Avoid overtiredness as this can make it more difficult to wake in response to a full bladder. All the best! Regards,