Dr Catherine
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8-15 years

It sucks to say the least, I think it might be stress related becouse I used to live with my mother, she drank a lot smoked a pack if cigarets a Day and on the occasion marijuana. (Not medicinal) Now I got the court to let me live with my dad, and now it's down to 2-3 times a week. It used to be every night.

Hi A.S., - I totally agree, wetting the bed at your age is a real disappointment and if let go can really impact on your social life. While stress can certainly be a contributing factor most cases of primary bedwetting are in response to physical causes. Regardless of the cause, the most important thing is for us to think about how best to help you to become dry at night. Given the length of time you have been wetting the bed it is really important that you speak with a GP, as it is unlikely you can manage this effectively on your own. The good news is that with such low frequency there is a really strong probability that you will respond really well to treatment! The best form of treatment currently available is the conditioning alarm. These can be either purchased or hired if cost is an issue. Bedwetting alarms work by setting off an alarm when you start to wet, waking you up so that you get up and go to the toilet. Over a period of time this conditions your body and you learn to wake without the need for the alarm. It is not unusual for the alarm not to work at first and may take up to 6 months of constant use. Success depends on the amount of support you receive, so it is really important that you discuss this with your Dad first and meet with your GP or a continence advisor. Good luck! Regards, Dr Cathrine