Dr Catherine
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8-15 years

I'm a bed wetter and I have just stared doing a poo in my sleep is this normal for me

Dear Bronte, please read this response in conjunction with my previous answer. While it is not unusual for children your age to wet the bed at night, the passing of stools is less common. My first recommendation is for your parents to make an appointment with your GP. Try and keep a record of how frequently this occurs and whether there is any particular pattern, the more information you share with the doctor the better he or she will be able to determine the cause. Stool leakage can result from chronic constipation so this is something you would want to rule out first. The signs and symptoms of constipation include: poor appetite, lack of energy, irregular bowel movements, excessive and foul smelling flatulence, irregular stool texture, withholding of stools, daytime soiling or overflow, nighttime incontinence, abdominal pain or discomfort, and irritability. Constipation is commonly managed through a change in diet however it is important that you follow this up with you GP. Occasionally uncontrolled passing of stools can result from emotional issues, however underlying medical causes always need to be ruled out first. Regards, Dr Cathrine