Dr Catherine
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8-15 years

hi i am 18 and it is 2 week that i started to wet the bed ,under my parents pressure i started to wear diapers but they are very embarrassing and i went to doctor and it was n t a physical problem. i don t like alarms because when in the middel night i wake up cant sleep again lfe become very hard for me.

Hi Sarah, it can be very tricky trying to manage your bedwetting on your own. Sometimes parents can get a little frustrated with dealing with bedwetting and that is often due to the fact that they really do not understand that the bedwetting is in no way your fault. In terms of management, if you would prefer not to have to wear absorbent pants you can use plastic backed mattress protectors, there are many affordable brands available (which can be purchased from shops like Target and Kmart) that are plastic on one side and a terry-towelling fabric on the other. You and your parents need to be referred to a continence specialist (your GP should be able to do this) – they will be able to talk about different strategies to best help manage your bedwetting as well as looking more closely into treatments that will help you to stop wetting the bed. Regards, Dr Cathrine