Dr Catherine
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8-15 years

We have tried everything but it does not work and was wounding if I can get a drynites pack

Hi Kevin, it is incredibly frustrating and worrying when you feel like you have tried it all and still your child continues to wet at night. There are alternative methods like hypnotherapy that have met with different degrees of success when it comes to treating bedwetting. Please keep in mind however that these have not received the same level of research support as conditioning alarms or medications. Hypnotherapy can be used on its own or in combination with the conditioning alarm to help individuals either hold their urine overnight or wake up and go to the toilet. Your best point of contact for hypnotherapy is the Australian Hypnotherapists’ Association http://www.ahahypnotherapy.org.au/, which has branches in each state. They also have a free advisory line: 1800 067 557. Given your son’s age and the potential impact his bedwetting may have on his self-esteem, you may also want to consider having him speak with an adolescent psychologist. Your best point of contact is your local GP or the Australian Psychological Society www.pyschology.org.au. With respect to using DryNites – these are a perfect way to manange children’s bedwetting as they reduce the stress associated with dealing with constant wet sheets – however keep in mind that they are just that, a form of management, and will not help your son to become dry. I do apologise for the delay in responding to you, unfortunately I have been ill for the past three weeks. Regards, Dr Cathrine