Dr Catherine
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8-15 years

I am 25years of age I have some issues with bet wetting mainly at night time and sometimes during the day I am in some medication called oxybution and am taking That , I do fit the drynights re the older girls and wearing those daytime and night time as I do have accidents what can I do

I am assuming you are currently under the care of a specialist so I am reluctant to give any specific advice around treatment as I do not want to counteract any advice or treatment plan you are currently following. It may, however, be worth exploring the use of conditioning alarm which can be used in conjunction with your medication. This is unlikely to help with your daytime continence but can train your body at night to respond to and wake up when your bladder is full and needs emptying. You can certainly continue to use DryNites as a form of management, both day and night. be sure to change these regularly throughout the day to avoid leakage or odour. I would recommend speaking with your doctor to see if you qualify for financial support to help cover the ongoing costs of your DryNites.All the best,