Dr Catherine
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4-7 years

Our daughter turned 6 in July and is still wearing a night nappy. Whilst some nights she is dry she will have other nights where she will have a wet nappy in the morning, or even some where she will wet through. We have trialled her in undies and had some success but some not so. At what point should we be seeking medical assistance. Personally I wet the bed until about 8yrs on and off and it wasn’t until I used a machine to wake me up this ceased, I only used this for approx 2weeks). Thank you

It is not unusual for children to waiver between periods of dryness and start wetting again as children move toward achieving nighttime continence. Given your own history and experience with bedwetting I feel you are well placed to introduce the conditioning alarm. Given the strong underlying genetic link this is most likely the reason your daughter continues to wet at night, however it is always advisable to have children checked by a medical practitioner prior to commencing any form of treatment. All the best! Kind Regards, Dr Cathrine