Dr Catherine
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8-15 years

My son wears Huggies size six at the moment...they aren't proper fit, we tried the drynites but the sides just seemed to split.

Dear Dave, the larger DryNites are designed for children and teenagers weighing between 27-57kg+. It is important that these fit properly around the leg as improper fit may contribute to leakage. If you find the larger size to be too small I would recommend that you look into some of the incontinence products designed for adults, many of which are available online or through your local Chemist. I will however pass on your question to the marketing and design teams, who may be able to provide a better explanation than me. Given your son’s age I would strongly recommend you discuss his bedwetting with your GP or ask to be referred to someone who specialises in treating nighttime incontinence. There are a number of very successful treatments on the market, with the bedwetting alarm experiencing the best outcomes. Bedwetting can be incredibly damaging to teenagers self-esteem so it is essential that you provide him with lots of support at this time. All the best! Regards, Dr Cathrine